Bone Support

Calcium - Vitamine D

  • Strongest support for bones and teeth1
  • Best protection of the bone structure1
  • Optimal calcium absorption2

1 Calcium and vitamin D contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth

2 Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption of calcium

What's it good for?

Without calcium there is no good bone structure

Bone tissue lives. Every day new bone is formed and old bone cells disappear. From an average of forty years of age, the degradation of bone is greater than the production. This natural ageing process slowly reduces the quality of the bone tissue. The reason to be alert and to support the production of bone tissue as much as possible by taking sufficient calcium daily.

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Calcium with vitamin D, the best combination for healthy bones

Without vitamin D there is no calcium absorption in the body. Therefore, not only calcium but also sufficient vitamin D is important for good bone health. The combination of calcium and vitamin D is indispensable for those who are heavily burdened by their joints, such as athletes, road workers or people with a standing job. Various studies have shown that the combination of calcium and vitamin D has a stronger effect on the bones than the separate administration of calcium or vitamin D.

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Bone Support: Calcium - Vitamine D


Calcium: 500mg (63% RI*)

Vitamine D3: 5 mcg (200 IE, 100% RI*)

RI*: Reference-intake

Allergens: Lactose