Endurance formula


  • Stimulates fat burn during low-intensity exercises
  • Improves performance during endurance work-outs

What's it good for?

Stimulates fat burn

Carnitine is key in the process of burning fat by the cells. It comes forth from the Latin word carnis, which means meat. it is a vitaminlike and water-soluble amino acid. Carnitine can be found in meat and milk. It stimulates fat burn during the exercise of low intensity and saves the sugar for the end of a game or match. This supplement is only interesting for (ultra-) endurance sporters because the function of carnitine only applies to long term efforts of low/medium intensity. Our tablets contain 1000 mg of the ultra-pure Carnipuur ®.


Endurance formula: L-Carnitine


L-carnitine-l-tartraat: 1000 mg

Note: start at least 12 months before peakdate




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