Joints & tendons support


  • Flexible joints and tendons1

1 Curcuma supports the functioning of the joints and tendons

What's it good for?

Moving smoothly

Smooth movement is a matter of course and is quite commonplace. We don't think about it when we get up, walk, play sports or garden. Only when we suffer from joints do we realize how important and comfortable it is to be able to move smoothly.

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Turmeric or Indian turmeric is more than just a spice. Several studies show the beneficial effects of turmeric. This is proof of the thousands of years of experience in Eastern medicine. Curcuma longa has a wide range of indications and supports the immune system, digestion and the smooth functioning of tendons and joints.

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Black pepper enhances the effect of turmeric

Black pepper enhances the effect of turmeric. The effect of turmeric comes from the biologically active curcuminoids. Unfortunately, curcuminoids are not properly absorbed by the body. Clinical studies in humans have clearly shown that black pepper (Piper Nigrum) greatly improves the absorption and efficacy of turmeric.

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Warming up prevents injuries

It is important for all sports activities to warm up the muscles. This can be done by stretching or loosening. In the case of unprepared exercise or overuse, the weak joint parts such as tendons and ligaments can be damaged. Gradually increase the duration and intensity of the activity. Also, don't forget to end the sports activity slowly.

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Joints & tendons support: Curcuma


Curcuma longa extract: 250 mg (75% curcuma)

Piper nigrum: 5 mg