Peak performance boost

Nitrate (Beetroot)

  • More energy at lower oxygen cost
  • Improves performance during endurance work-outs

What's it good for?

More energy at lower oxygen cost

In recent years, more and more sporters started to drink red beet juice to achieve better performance. The substance that is all about in beetroot juice, is nitrate. Nitrates can be found in leafy vegetables (rucola & spinach), red beet and pomegranate. In the first phase, the body converts nitrate bacteria into nitrite, from where nitrite is converted into nitrogen monoxide (NO). This raised NO concentration widens the blood vessels. This improves the blood flow in the muscles. So it is clear that for less oxygen, you can do the same effort or that higher intensity is possible with the same oxygen level. Our capsules are 100% filled with nitrate, without fillers.


Peak performance boost: Nitrate (Beetroot)


Kalium: 238 mg (12% RI)

Betaïne: 675 mg

Rode bieten extract: 100 mg

Nitraat: 372 mg

Vitamine C: 40 mg (50% RI)





3 days & 1,5h before peak