Power & muscle boost


  • Improves power & explosiveness
  • Stimulates muscle growth

What's it good for?

Improves power & explosiveness

Creatine is, without doubt, the best supplement for (strength) athletes. It's a bodily substance and an ingredient of meat. The body also produces creatine. It works as a battery for energy-filled phosphate groups in the muscles which they use during intensive exercises. The supplementation of creatine leads to more intensive training sessions and in the long term to muscle growth. Because the body creates creatine itself, it is important that the treatments are followed strictly to guarantee optimal functionality. Our capsules our creatine monohydrate with a purity of 99,9%.


Power & muscle boost: Creatine


Creatine monohydrate: 750 mg

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose : 118 mg

Magnesiumstearaat: 16,5 mg

Siliciumdioxide: 7,5 mg

Note: Dose is based on your body weight




Immediately after an intensive exercise or with dinner